Bunny Park Diorama Finished

Bunny Park Diorama Finished

This was a kinda strange project. It started with me wanting to try out the new AK Interactive weathering products I ordered. Plus some of the techniques I’ve been reading up on.

I couldn’t find anything good to use them on so I grabbed a Nightmare Before Christmas bunny figure that I had standing in one of my bookshelf’s.

After removing all the flash, gluing the arms and legs and fill all the imperfections with Milliput which was sanded down when dry. I got busy painting and weathering.

Bunny Became a Park

I got started attacking it with various weathering products, paint and a lot of other random things for different effects.

Around there I realized that I was kinda happy with how it looked and wanted to give him a base. But why settle for a base when it can become a small diorama.

So off to the planning stage and a couple of weeks later, voila, a finished diorama featuring an abandoned play-ground.

I tried to get some good photos but it didn’t work so I took some outside.

One idea I’ve had for a while now is to use old boxes for the base (I love old wooden boxes) so I had made the base for the diorama the correct size to fit the box I wanted to use. I put the base on top of some wooden cubes to get it to the correct height.

I didn’t glue it down as I want to keep the box if I decide to remove the diorama.




Nightmare Before Christmas Easter Bunny