Painting US Paratrooper for Bolt Action #1

Painting US Paratrooper for Bolt Action #1

This project will be something I work on in between other projects and it will mostly be speed painted so I can finish it.

All the paints, unless mentioned are Vallejo Model Color and the miniatures are this far only Black Tree Design.

So when I decided to start this army I tried to find some information on how the uniforms looked for the paratroopers operating in the pacific. This turned out to be really hard.

The Painting Begins

A friend found some information and suggested a base of Khaki mixed 1:1 with Green Grey (the dark one) so I started with that.

After that I used a slightly watered down sepia wash to get some shading.

Painting US Paras

Painting Mistake

When that had dried overnight I tried a drybrush with the base plus some of the light Green Grey (I hate it that Vallejo have two paints with the same name) but it didn’t turn out very well. It was much to pale for my taste.

To fix that I gave them another, more diluted sepia wash and once again wait for it to dry (maybe I should get a hairdryer to speed things up).

This time I highlighted them with plain Khaki and it came out much better so that’s what I’m going to use.

For the knee pads I started with US Dark Green but it didn’t look like what I wanted so I highlighted it with Cam Olive Green. Maybe not the correct shade of green but I’m not really bothered with not having a 100% historically correct army as long as I’m happy with the way they look.

The webbing and equipment were painted with Iraqui Sand and haven’t been shaded as of now.

Painting US Paras 2

Ending Photo

Painting US Paras 3