Up, Up and Away! Nils Goes on Holiday

Up, Up and Away! Nils Goes on Holiday

Yup it’s holiday time.


Week of Fun

Tomorrow morning I’m (plus my mother) heading up to my sister and then we’re off to Prague where we’ll be staying for five nights.

Prague is one of those places I’ve wanted to visit for many, many years so I’m very excited. We’ve some plans to what to see and do there, the Bone Church and the Military Museum in Prague is on the top of the list.

I think I’ve packed more or less everything (I hope) and being quite restless from waiting.

After we get back to my sister’s place me and her are going to see John Cleese’s stand up show and then on Friday we’re heading back home. So it’s going to be a fun but long week.

I’m bringing my tablet with me so I’ll probably post some photos during the week even of it’s not hobby related.

Hammer Time

One of the more important things (for me, not the other two) is to get a hold of a bottle of Hammer Head whiskey. It was made during the communist era, which is in itself strange as it was considered part of the decadent west.