Back From Vacation

Back From Vacation

On the 9th me, my sister and our mother went on a vacation to Prague. It’s one of those cities I’ve always wanted to go to but haven’t gotten around to it.

We arrived late, around 11pm, at the hotel and got our rooms. Very nice rooms in a nice hotel.

Sunday – Bone Church

On Sunday we took a guided tour to Kutná Hora to see the bone church. It was nice to see some of the rural areas on the way there.

Well, we arrived and went into the church and the guide talked a bit and then we got 10 minutes to explore without her. This was kinda annoying, in the information they more or less just talked about the bone church so we were quite disappointed.

After that we walked around the town and got to see a lot of historical buildings. This part were quite nice and made me less disappointed.

Monday & Thursday – Walking & Museum

On Monday we mostly just walked around in Prague without any real goals. It was pretty nice to see the city a bit.

Tuesday was spend walking up to the Army Museum and it was quite a walk and the small cobblestone road leading up on the hill it’s located on were horrible, especially for my mother who has a pretty bad set on knees, but we managed to get her up there.

Here came my biggest disappointments, the WW2 part were closed for repairing the building. So we had a 2 part exhibition about the first world war which was very nice. Then if you walked down to a very hot basement, they had a one about the Czech resistance and the horrors the country suffered. This part were great and slightly morbid but it was very nicely presented.

The had some things found at a concentration camp, like some toys etc. The most morbid thing they had was a piece of skin with some tattoos that were connected to the camps somehow (can’t remember what the signs said).

After we were done we walked into the historical center in Prague and then some more walking.

Last day in Prague & Cleese

On Wednesday we checked out and then headed out to a cafe we had found the day before and then back to the hotel and wait for our car to arrive.

We got back to my sisters place quite late and I mostly slept that night. Then on Thursday me and my sister went to see John Cleese live. If you like the Python gang you should see him live, it was great and I can’t find anything to complain about at all. Plus I’m happy as hell to have seen him.

Friday were kinda boring, it mostly consisted of waiting for trains so we could get home.

Prague was a very nice city, people were friendly, the food were great and there’s a ton of things to see. Definitely going back there. And I got a hold of a bottle of Hammerhead (Communist Whiskey).