Review: Falena – the Dark side of the Nature

Review: Falena – the Dark side of the Nature


  • Company: Aradia Miniatures
  • Scale: 75mm
  • Material: Resin

As a huge fan of surreal horror and all things weird I didn’t have much of a choice besides ordering this miniature.

I absolutely love the concept Stefano Moroni has created and I hope we’ll see more things like this from the team over at Aradia.


As you can see in the photos, it came in a very simple packaging and I hate to say so but for this miniature, it was too simple.

I had a bunch of parts break off during the shipping and I think it could easily have been avoided with some better packaging. At least put some foam in it. The broken parts are fixable but when buying miniatures in this price range, it should be packed better.


The sculpting on this piece is really, really good, The parts all seem to have great details and they will fit together easily.

I know it’s not everyones cup of team style wise but I love it. Benoit Cauchies did one hell of a job sculpting her.


The casting is very well made and there’s hardly any mold lines at all. There are some flash but it’s the super thin kind that will clean up in a matter of minutes.

I’ve gone over all the parts and can’t find anything to complain about.

Finishing words

There’s one more thing I think should be included with this piece and that’s building instruction, there’s a ton of parts and it’s not always clear on where they go.

As I said earlier, I love this miniature and while I had some complaints I would still buy this in a heart beat.

I’ve only worked on one of their miniatures before (Malefica, which I also loved) but I’m sure that I’ll toss more money at them.

When going through all the pieces I noticed that one parts were missing so I send Aradia an email and they’re sending a new one ASAP. Very good customer service so I’m adding that to the rating for this one.


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