What’s on the Workbench – Week 18

What’s on the Workbench – Week 18

It’s been a slow week in general. I’ve building Falena but can’t finish her before I get the missing piece from Aradia. Then she’ll get primed and I’ll start painting her as soon as I have a plan to how I want her to look.

I’ve started building her base and it’s almost ready to get primed as well but I want a couple more things on it.

It was quite hard to come up with a good idea for the base, The miniature is so surreal and original that it’s hard to bring that to the base as well. After some sketches I settled with a kinda weird dump or something like that.

So this weekend I played Axis & Allies for the first time in many years. We had decided to play the 1940 Global version and it was bigger then I thought. I think we played for around 11 hours before my side gave up and surrendered.

There were a lot of things that had been changed since I played A&A regularly but that was expected, I think it must have been one of the first editions with a stack of advanced expansions to make it better (and slower).

For the coming week I really have give myself a kick and paint more then I do right now, I’m having a slight drop in motivation and I think it will get better if I just start painting more. I’ve been toying with the idea of tracking how much time I spend on my different projects so I think I’ll see if that helps. It will be interesting either way.