What’s on the Workbench – Week 19

So, so slow

Yet another slow week without much painting. I’m slowly getting some work done on my US paratroopers for BA and I’m trying to be better at documenting the process for a tutorial.

I got my missing part for Falena from Aradia so I’m going to try to get her build, as soon as I figure out where all the small bits are supposed to go.

Ordered Goodies

I have some interesting miniatures ordered that I’m looking forward to getting started at. First one is a bust from Mproyec, Shaetann, I missed out on the full sized miniature so I couldn’t let this one go.

The other is from Infamy, a very interesting company that makes a lot of cool steam punk miniatures. I didn’t get anything steam related but a one shot goblin chieftain mounted on a bird looking creature that they are hosting a painting competition for with a tight deadline (because I didn’t see it until today) for June 30th. Hopefully I can smack myself on the head and get painting like crazy, with or without flogging (motivational flogging that is).



Through CMoN’s forum I found a Hobby Hangout group on Facebook that seems quite good (it was bound to happen some day) and they have some great painters running Hangout’s to join in on. I didn’t get to see it live but Mr Powell (also known as Bailey) recorded a session he hosted and put it on YouTube. The quality of the video isn’t that good but it’s still worth a watch IMO. He’s one of the best painters out there in my book and one that shares his little secrets of painting.

Romain Strikes Again

I got an update from Romain Van den Bogaert’s blog today with a new bust he has up for sale right now, The Catacomb Gatekeeper. As all of his sculpts, this one is really nice and just enough grittiness like most of his work has.


I sent him an email to see what the cost and shipping will run me. As long as it’s not sold out by mid next week, I’m getting it.


Powell’s Hangout

Powell’s Blog

Facebook Group