Stalker – Part 6 – WIP Miniatures

Stalker – Part 6 – WIP Miniatures

Finally some progress to show on my Stalker project.

I started painting on the first 2 miniatures a while back but as everything else at the moment it’s been a slow progress. The miniatures aren’t finished but I don’t have that much left on them. I still haven’t finalized what other miniatures to add to it. I think it’s too big for just these two so I need at least two more I think and it’s been hard to find suitable ones to use.

The first one I’m happy with this far but the second one isn’t cooperating at all. The weathering isn’t finished so he looks dirtier then he’s supposed to, it’s going to get toned down quite a bit.

I Need More

I can find other Stalker miniatures but they look much more scifi inspired than I’m looking for.

But I think I’ve finally settled on most of the miniatures I still need for my Stalker diorama. I’ve been following a build over at Armorama that’s heavily inspired by Blade Runner and the guy who’s building it is using a couple of miniatures from Paracel Miniatures, namely their Post-apocalyptic/homeless characters. So my plan is to use two from the same line that should work really well.

After I get those two I only need to find one more and I want it to be a kid/teenager. I’ve found a couple that could work but I haven’t decided on which one to use.

You should head over to his thread and check it out yourselves, it’s one of the best ones this year in my book, plus it’s a great forum in general that has a good diorama section.


Paracel Miniatures