What’s on the Workbench – Week 20

What’s on the Workbench – Week 20

Things are finally starting to get moving again.

Falena is built and primed and just because I finally got her all ready I were so close to having her get smashed against the floor (I’m clumsy and dropped her) but I get a hold her just in time and only broke some small parts that I was able to glue back on. I shouldn’t handle delicate things early in the morning before I’ve gotten any coffee.

That reminds me, I need more coffee..

I’ve also build the base for Falena and get it primed. I’ll most likely start with the base sooner then the miniature. I really want to get started on her but I need to work on the Infamy Goblin for their competition.

For my Bunny Park diorama I used a toy Nightmare Before Xmas Easter Bunny and in that package you also got.. well I have no idea what his name is but it’s the big guy with an axe in his head.

I thought that, because I had so much fun with the diorama I should do something with this guy as well. This time it won’t be a diorama but I’ll repaint him, probably as a gift.


There’s a very interesting web site that launched recently that I would like to share, namely Figurementors. It’s run by Jason Martin (Redrum), who isn’t just a great painter himself but has worked with among others Figure Painter Magazine. I don’t think I can explain the purpose of his site better then he so here you go:

“What I want to do with this blog is to offer everybody a chance to learn and develop their painting skills. We often hear of artists being on a journey and I firmly believe that. As such the site is set up with this in mind, the whole concept behind it is guide you along your personal journey to become a better painter. Giving you inspiration, insights and knowledge.”

It’s very newly started so there isn’t a ton of materials yet but it’s growing quite fast and has some very good articles, by different painters.

It’s definitely a web site you should at least check out and I think it’s going to be a very good resource for painters.








  • I just ran out of coffee myself. Figmentors sounds awesome!