What to do With Fantasy

What to do With Fantasy

Even though fantasy isn’t my favorite genre by a long shot, I still have more or less three armies for Warhammer, Beastmen, Empire and my 40k Daemon army and they are all collecting dust.

The club I’m part of has started talking to another club to get some competitions and gaming going between the clubs and one of the games they play is Warhammer. They are currently playing 8th but are looking at the 9th Age fan edition.

Thinking Hat On

So with that I’ve started thinking a bit on what I would like to do with my collection.

I started reading the 9th Age rules and so far I’m not that impressed so I started looking at old WHFB editions (3rd in perticular) but I doubt I would find anyone here to play it with me.

So I continued to search for other games I could use them in. First I found Kings of War, which I’ve looked into before but I can’t really remember much of what I found out back then but I’m going to read the rules again and see how it feels.


I did find some other games that could have potential:

  • Impetus Fantasy, a Impetus version. I’ve never played the original so I don’t really have much of an idea how it plays so I’m going to read through it as well.
  • Pike, Shotte And Sorcery, fan based version of WLG’s Pike & Shotte.
  • Shadow Storm, fan based Hail Ceasar version, which is also a WLG game.
  • Warmaster 28mm, I’ve seen photos of it and there are some information but I don’t have big enough armies for it.

The one I think have the most potential is Shadow Storm, it has more finished materials and has been given an OK by Rick Priestley and WLG. So yea this is the first to get researched.

If anyone has any experience with alternatives to WFB I would love to hear them.


Impetus Fantasy

Pike, Shotte And Sorcery

Shadow Storm

  • Yogshagoth123

    Age of Sigmar is a great game (Don’t believe the hater’s!) give it a go, and with the points coming out soon and lot’s of new armies and support there has never been a better time to jump in.
    You only need 15/25 mini’s and it’s actually fun…
    Go on what ya got to lose?

  • Kings of war has taken off in our club as a good replacement for WFB. It is much more streamlined and quicker to play, yet more tactical and thought provoking. All of the guys actually prefer it to WFB, and with the new edition out the rules are even better. If you still want massed fantasy battles this is the game for sure

  • I have nothing against AoS and I have tried it a couple of times and quite liked it but I don’t really see it as an alternative for playing massed battles but for smaller ones, absolutely. It’s definitely something I’ll play more of in the future as well. As you said, it’s actually fun 🙂

  • Yea that reflects what I’ve read online about it and I hope I can convince my friends at the local club to give it a go. I really like that they don’t have individual causalities like many historical games and I find the idea of being able to make each unit a small diorama quite interesting.