What’s on the Workbench – Week 21

What’s on the Workbench – Week 21

This last week have been more productive then the last two and I’m planning to keep the momentum going through this week.

I finished the 14 horses I was painting for a friend which was very nice to finally have them done and delivered.

Red Riding Hood

Besides the horses I’ve mostly been working on Red Riding Hood from Nuts!. I’m trying to take my time with her and not rush it so it’s a very slow process, and I’m a very slow painter to begin with.

What’s on the Workbench – Week 21 - Red Riding Hood

I started with her skin and this far, I’ve mostly worked on her torso and thighs and it’s still a lot left to do. After I get the blending smooth enough I’m going to go over it with glazes. I should have some more interesting photos in a couple of days.

Besides the painting I’ve also been planning the base for the Infamy Goblin I ordered, it will be a simple base for once, or that’s the plan at least.


Nuts! Planet