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What’s on the Workbench – Week 22

What’s on the Workbench – Week 22

So last week I painted quite a lot on Red Riding Hood and this week I hope to get her finished and at least get started painting her base.

Here she is in her present state:


As soon as I finish the leather parts I’ll put up a new post about the progress.

Lately I’ve grown tired of my cramped hobby space, which is in my small bedroom (not the best solution) so time has come to move it. As I live in a smallish two rooms + kitchen apartment I don’t have that many options besides the living-room, so that’s where it’s going.

I’ve removed my TV as I never use it and will use that space for a nice 3m long desk which should give me plenty of room for my computer and all my hobby things.

I should get the desk next week and then it’s just a matter of moving my stuff and hopefully get it a bit more organized.