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Painting Space, Bolt Action and, well Nothing

Painting Space, Bolt Action and, well Nothing

Finally I got my damn desk. My dad and his wife were heading down south to pick up a new motorbike they bought (they only have like 6 or 7 now, pretty ridiculous). So with that I tagged along to get a new IKEA desk.

Got it home. Got it all set up and moved everything to it’s new spot and did the cable organizing. So now I’m set up in the living room instead of the bedroom which is much better.

There’s still some organizing left but nothing big.


Bolt Action Game

We had planned a game for yesterday at the club. We were 4 players so we divided us into two teams. I played my Russians using the Stalingrad list and my teammate played a general UK list. The other team consisted of a US army and one French army.

When we play games with all four of us we usually play a homemade mission with the goal of capturing buildings for points. The secondary objective is to eliminate enemy units. Also for points.

Artillery Gone Bad

The game started horribly for us. We didn’t really manage to do anything at all. I was lucky and didn’t loose much but my teammate did and it didn’t get better when his artillery strike ended up in the middle of his own army. Something that happens in a surprisingly large amount of his games.

I used my Observer in the first turn as well but it got delayed. A lot. It didn’t arrive until turn 7 and then I rolled a 1 as well and it got moved right into the remaining part of my teammates army.

It wasn’t until turn 5 we started to make some progress and we pushed them back. With some good planning (pure luck) one of my sniper teams started killing of a couple of support teams. Which saved me on my flank.

Going In For the Kill

My teammate pushed forward very well and I had a full SMG squad on outflank that took out two squads that were holding a building each.

With that we did end up with a win but it was a very close one. I only had small teams and leftovers from my infantry squads left and my teammate was in the same situation. Luckily the opposing side were also in the same situation. Only leftovers on the table.

As always my KV-2 (I don’t know why I even try to make it work) was the worst unit in my army. It got killed mid-game as always.


Me and two of the other BA players decided that it would be fun to give each other something fun for one of our armies. From the first friend I got a Zis-30 that looks great. From my other friend I got a LVT-4 Buffalo for my US army. That thing is freakin huge, much bigger than I thought.