Jigoku-dayu’s Dreams

Jigoku-dayu’s Dreams


This weekend was one of Sweden’s biggest holidays, Midsummer. It’s also, in my opinion one of the most overrated holidays we have. I weren’t planning on doing anything but my dad and his wife really wanted me to celebrate it with them so I decided to go.

It weren’t anything big, just five people including myself and it was pretty nice. Good food and some good drinks. The weather was nice but too warm so I burned the top of my head like crazy.

So it was nice to get back home today and get some more painting done.

Jigoku-dayu’s Dreams

A while back I saw one of Nelya Vitvitska’s latest sculpts on P&P called Jigoku-dayu’s Dreams and totally fell in love with it. I contacted her about getting a copy of it and today I’ve pre-ordered and payed for it. The delivery date should be at the beginning of September. I can’t wait to get started on her.

Jigoku-dayu’s Dreams

Nelya is quickly becoming one of my absolute favorite artist. I love the Red Riding Hood she made among others. This will be my third(?) piece by her.



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