A Goblin and His Pet 2: Done With the Bird

A Goblin and His Pet 2: Done With the Bird


After a couple of nonproductive days I spend most of yesterday painting. I managed to get the bird(like) mount and the base finished. I also got quite a lot done on the Goblin himself.

If I manage to continue working this fast it should be finished in time. It’s far from my best work but I’m happy as long as I manage to get him done.


I toned down the highlights and worked more on the shadows. With the saddle I wanted a somewhat weathered look. I’m not sure I managed to get that but I’m quite happy with the outcome anyway.

Basing the Bird

Because of the choice of colors on the bird I decided to make a neutral base that didn’t clash with the skin color.

Quite a while ago I raided my mum’s back yard for some interesting pieces of wood and got one of the pieces had just the right shape for this base.

The basic ground scatter is finely ground wood that I make myself. I added some smaller pieces of wood to fill it out.

The painting was really simple. The ground were painted mostly with pigment and washes. The wood had a good color so I just added pigments, light washes and some gray highlights to finish it off.

For the amount of time spend on the bird, I’m happy with it. Now I need to get back to stress painting the goblin and get some better photos of them.

Goblin Pet


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  • Looking good Nils. Like the color choices for this piece!

  • Thank you, I think this miniature has me beaten and I don’t have time to restart it. Hopefully it will grow on me 🙂