Review: LVT-4 ‘Buffalo’ Amtrac

Review: LVT-4 ‘Buffalo’ Amtrac


  • Company: Warlord Games
  • Scale: 28mm
  • Material: Resin and metal

I got this kit as a gift from a friend recently for my (very) slowly building USMC army for Bolt Action. The last bunch of kits I’ve bought from Warlord has been quite bad so it was interesting to see the quality of this kit.



Not much to say, it came in the standard paper box and enough bubble wrap to keep it safe. Nothing had been damaged in the transportation.


It’s not the most detailed kit I’ve worked on. But from my limited knowledge, it does look a lot like the real thing. The details that are there are crisp and well made.

I haven’t build it yet but I’ve tried the parts and they all fit perfectly. The design is great and I can’t find anything to complain about this far.


This is the category that I’ve had the most issues with when it comes to Warlord. I’m happy to say that there aren’t any signs of bad casting on this one. Even the metal parts are well cast.

There’s some flash and some small mold lines but not more than what’s normal. It won’t take much time to clean it up.

Finishing Words

I like this kit a lot. It’s a quite simple it to build and it’s very well designed. I’m looking forward to weathering it and will most likely get a second one.


LVT-4 @ Warlord Games

Information about the LVT-4

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