Review: The Catacomb Gatekeeper by Romain

Review: The Catacomb Gatekeeper by Romain


  • Company: Romain Van den Bogaert
  • Scale: 75mm height
  • Material: Resin

This review is the first of three, all reviewing busts from Romain Van den Bogaert. The photos will show some parts being broken but that is not at the fault of the sculpting or casting. It was how they were handled by the postal service here in Sweden. I’m going to ignore those broken parts and focus on the actual sculpting and concept.

I think most people in the painting miniatures hobby know of Romain (they sure as hell should). He’s an extremely good artist and has made many of my favorite miniatures. With the release of the Gatekeeper I had to get it. It would be silly to just order one bust so I added two more.


For the unboxing I don’t have much to say or show because of the state of the package when it arrived. But the packaging was very good. It was shipped in a sturdy box and everything in it was well protected. If it hadn’t been, there would have been much more damage to them.


The sculpt is more or less flawless and so is the concept. As someone who really like the more surreal art, this is perfect.

It feels like a character that one could find in a Guillermo del Toro or Terry Gilliam movie. Which is a good thing in my eyes.

The best part of this sculpt is what I think is Romain’s strongest side, the face. It’s so full of expression and character it’s almost ridiculous.




I have no idea who does the casting for him but whoever it is, keep using them!. There is a tiny, tiny bit of flash and one small hole. Besides that I haven’t been able to find any flaws.




Finishing Words

This might have been my first Romain sculpt, but it can assure you that it won’t be my last. Everything from the concept to the sculpting to the casting is almost perfect.


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