Review: The Old Witch by Romain

Review: The Old Witch by Romain


  • Company: Romain Van den Bogaert
  • Scale: 50mm height
  • Material: Resin

This review is the third and last of three, all reviewing busts from Romain Van den Bogaert. The photos will show some parts being broken but that is not at the fault of the sculpting or casting. It was how they were handled by the postal service here in Sweden. I’m going to ignore those broken parts and focus on the actual sculpting and concept.

For some reasons this bust reminds me of someone but I can’t remember who it is. I ordered this one somewhat of the same reason as the Old Guy. To practice painting skin and also working with texture.


As for the first two reviews, I don’t have much to say besides that everything was very well packed. Which I’m happy for, without it I would have had more damage than now. This bust was the one that got damaged the most of the three.


This bust, just like the other two, are very well made. I like the duality in the sculpt. You have a old woman with a very big ‘sweet old lady’ look to her. Then you have the horn coming out of her forehead which I would interpret more towards the evil side of things. Maybe I’m over thinking it a bit but it adds an extra layer to her for me.

Anyways, there’s a ton of character to her face and her facial expression fits very well with the concept I think.



After examining her, I can’t find anything that needs cleaning up, at all. All the details are very crisp and the same with the different textures.

Finishing words

Another great bust that’s going to be a lot of fun to paint.


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