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Bolt Action USMC – The Start

Bolt Action USMC – The Start

This weekend has been spent building US Marines for Bolt Action. I got two boxes in the mail plus I had a bunch that I got from a friend a while back.

Building the Horde

So far I have 5 normal Marine squads, max number of soldiers and all weapon options besides pistols.

Bolt Action

I also built a squad of Engineers, that I just need to get a flamethrower for. I’m going to try to get the last infantry ordered soon. Still need a HQ and some support like a MG Team, a mortar, another bazooka team, a sniper and a flamethrower. After that it’s time for armored support.

I haven’t decided on what vehicle to start with. Right now it’s either a classic Sherman or a M8 Scott. I’ll probably get both eventually. I also want to add an armored car but the only one available is the M3 White Scout Car. Unfortunately I don’t really like so I’m not sure if I’m going to get it.

There’s also a unit in the Empires in Flames that I want to get eventually, the USMC Raiders.

Painting the Horde

Bolt Action

Well everything is build, cleaned and primed. I tried a brand of spray paint I haven’t used before and it worked out quite well. I ordered the wrong green though so now they kinda look like the green plastic toy soldiers that I played with as a kid.

I started painting a little bit on the LVT-4 I got from a friend. The basic paint and weathering is finished and the rest of the weathering has been started. I’ve covered it in a lot of dust colored pigments so right now it looks awful but it’s going to get toned down a lot before I’m done with it.

  • I don’t envy you painting all those soldiers. But then I’m an ork player so I know that feeling all too well. The LVT-4 is awesome! Love the initial weathering on it.

  • Yea I don’t envy myself (or anyone else) either, it’s too many miniatures as I tend to loose focus after a while.