Vacation Time in Sweden With Added Cthulhu

Vacation Time in Sweden With Added Cthulhu

So the ordinary vacation time has arrived and that usually means more gaming. Add in some old friends heading back home which also means more gaming.


Call of Cthulhu LCG

Right now we have two friends visiting for the week and we’ve been gaming every day this far. We’ve played more rounds of Call of Cthulhu lcg this week than the rest of the year. It’s a great game and it has two really big things going for it; a great system that scales quite well and is easy to understand the basics of. Plus it’s Lovecraftian which is always (almost) good.

Horror of the Old Kind

Eldritch Horror

I also got to try out Eldritch Horror that one friend brought with him. I’ve played Arkham Horror a couple of times before so I knew a bit what to expect. EH is almost like a Arkham light with updated game mechanics.

I really enjoyed the game, it wasn’t to heavy as Arkham tends to be but it still had a lot of content. Unfortunately it didn’t really strike home with the other locals in the club which is a shame as I kinda want to get it.

So with all of this gaming I haven’t been able to get much painting done but I’m going to try to get some done over the weekend and next week.

Sister, Sister


Yesterday my sister came done here to visit for a bit over a week and I got a early birthday gift from her. I already knew what she was giving me but it doesn’t mean it’s any less awesome.

I got a “coffee table book” called ‘Äventyrsspel: Bland Mutanter, Drakar and Demoner’ (translated to: Adventure Games: Among Mutants, Dragons and Demons) which is a huge and very nice book about the biggest gaming company that has existed in Sweden. They released a lot of very iconic games here and they more or less started the whole Swedish RPG business.

I made the mistake of not buying it myself when it was published and it sold out really fast. By coincident I saw that one of the authors were booked to talk about the book at a gaming convention in the same town as my sister lives. So I asked her to go and buy one for me which she did, signed and all. I’m very, very happy with that gift :).


Fantasy Flight