Review: Shaetann Bust by Mproyec

Review: Shaetann Bust by Mproyec


  • Company: Mproyec
  • Scale: 70mm height excluding the horns
  • Material: Resin
  • Availability: Limited to 125

When they first released the full figure of Shaetann I missed out on ordering it. So when I saw that they were releasing a bust of him, I had to get it.

I had some issues with the (lacking) customer service. It took almost 9 weeks for it to arrive here and my 4 emails I send them about the delay have gone unanswered which is not OK in my book. I would at least expect an apology.

But enough about that and start looking at the fun part, the resin.


It came in a small box with a smaller box tucked inside with some Styrofoam. The small box contained the resin parts.

The resin parts came in two zip lock bags and were packed down with more Styrofoam. All in all, the packaging was great, no damage at all.

What you get in the box is the body and head as one solid piece and three sets of horns. On pair of long ones, one with broken horns and one with the horns broken off at the base.


The sculpting is really good which I expected. From what I can recall, I’ve never heard anything bad about their products and I understand why.

At at first glance you might miss some of the details as they are quite subtle like the scaring on his body. There’s also some small areas that looks like his body is breaking up if that makes any sense.

The horns fit well on his head and I really like that you get more than one type of them.


The casting is, just like the sculpt, really good. There’s a tiny bit of cleanup to do, some small mold lines but not really any flash.

I doubt it will take more than 15 minutes to have him ready for priming.

Finishing Words

I’m very happy that I have this bust in my collection and it’s going to be a lot of fun to paint him. It will be the first time that I’ll try to paint scars so that will prove interesting.

Unfortunately the delay and that they haven’t answered any of my emails or contacted me about the delays will make me think twice about ordering from them again.

So, yeah.. great bust, not so great customer service.


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  • That’s an impressive looking sculpt, damn. I can’t wait to see paint on him.

  • Sama here, I’m moving him up on my list of stuff to paint.

  • Shame about the delays…but GD that sculpt is awesome.

  • It’s an amazing sculpt no doubt about it.