Birthday Time

Birthday Time

So it’s that time of the year again. Turning 36.

I don’t celebrate it much, just the closest family drinking coffee and eating cake. We tend to not give very expensive gifts, which I like.

My sister got me a book, that I’ve mentioned before. I have no idea what I’m getting from my mother beside some t-shirts that I picked out a while back. My dad and his wife usually give some small object and a bit of cash (=buy stuff I want) and some cash from my grandma.

Gifting Myself

Usually I don’t get anything hobby related so I always give something to myself. This year is no different. I ordered two more busts, this time from Black Sun Miniatures and they were both sculpted by Romain.

I got Their Arctic Troll bust and the Queen of the Night.

Arctic Troll

Queen of the Night

Growing Fast

With these two busts and the 5 or so I have since before (only one has any paint on it) I really need to abstain from ordering more for a while. I can still order paint and things like that if needed.



  • Happy Bday Nils! Queen of the knight is right down your alley!!!

  • Thank you! Yea I really like the Queen and have some ideas for her, right now I’m researching voodoo priest face paint for her.