Red Riding Hood – Finished and Based

Red Riding Hood – Finished and Based

I can finally call Red Riding Hood finished. I’ve worked on for a longer time than I have on any other miniature before and I hope it payed off.

I’m very happy with most of the painting. There are two small things I would have liked to gotten a better result on, the base and her eyes. But as I said, I’m happy with how she turned out.

I got some great advice via Twitter and Wamp (great forum for painters) which helped me quite a lot.

So time for the photos..


Red Riding Hood


Nuts! Planet


  • Great job. Her cuts and scraps looks very authentic. The blood on her sword is well done also, just the right amount of blood. The whole model looks great.

  • Thank you very much. I were a bit worried about the blood tbh so I’m happy that it turned out good.

  • She’s a beaut Nils. Agree with thor. The placement of the cuts/scrapes are really well done. Help you move throughout the figure.

  • Thank you! now to decide what to paint next..