Red Riding Hood Part 4 – Cloak, Metal and Swords

Red Riding Hood Part 4 – Cloak, Metal and Swords

This is the third part in of my progress painting Red Riding Hood. You can find part one HERE, part two HERE and part three HERE.

In this part I’m working on the last parts, the cloak, metal and swords. Unfortunately I messed up a bit and didn’t take any notes so all I have are photos without descriptions. Not very helpful but I thought I would post them anyway to make it complete.





So this is the last part of this series, just need to take some photos of her all finished. I’m quite happy with most of her but there are some parts that didn’t turn out as good as the others. It’s definitely been a learning experience painting her and I still love the miniature.






  • Well done. It’s a cool model, and you’ve done well painting her. I wish I could paint skin that well.

  • Thank you, she’s been fun to paint but I’m definitely glad that she’s finished now.