Epic, the Bastard Brother of 40k – History

Epic, the Bastard Brother of 40k – History

We start with some history…

1st Edition – Titans and Marines


Epic were first released back in 1988 as Adeptus Titanicus. The game was as the title suggests, a game of Titans trying to kill each other.

It was followed up with the Space Marine game the year after, 1989. They were released as individual games but you could also combine them.

2nd Edition – More Titans and More Marines


Just like 1st edition it was released as two individual games that could be played together. The first part, Space Marine hit the shelf’s in 1991 and the second part, Titan Legions in 1994.


During this edition they also expanded the game with 4 supplements;

  • Armies of the Imperium, 1991.
  • Renegades, 1992, contained rules for Chaos and Eldar.
  • Ork and Squat Warlords, 1992, contained rules for Orks and Squats.
  • Hive War, 1995, contained rules for Tyranids.

3rd Edition – Streamlined and Killer Miniatures


Epic: 40k got released in 1997 and changed everything. The first games were quite complex and over detailed. So with this edition they streamlined it completely. Many players were quite put off by this but in hindsight I don’t think it was a bad move.

They put quite a lot into developing the miniature range for this edition and the results were a huge step up from the earlier in most cases.

4th Edition


I’m not 100% sure when they released the 4th edition, Epic: Armageddon. My guess would be around the millennium.

This edition were released both in printed form and as a free download on their website.

Here they backed down a bit on the streamlining and added some more complexity and they got it at a very good level. The game isn’t to simple but not too complex.

This was the last edition released by GW before they nuked Specialist Games.

The rules are still available online and the community took over the part as developers.

Community Editions


Today we have two community editions (too my knowledge), NetEA (Net Epic Armageddon) that as the name suggests is an updated version of E:A with some community made supplements as well.


The second one is NetEpic Gold which is an updated version of the original two Space Marine versions and Titan Legions.

I’ve never tried NetEpic Gold but I’ve played NetEA quite a lot and love it.

My Journey Into Tiny 40k

I tried Epic the first time around 1995 I think. It was fun but I never got around to starting my own collection back then.

The second time around were after Epic: 40k was released and I had more fun then than the first time. Most likely I were to young the first time around to appreciate the strategy level.

I started collected the odd unit here and there but never really found my focus. I continued to play it with a friend who had (have) a massive collection of armies.

It wouldn’t be until I tried Epic: Armageddon I found that focus and started to collect my first real army, Chaos.

As it’s been some years since I last played, I don’t remember how many points of Chaos I have but it’s much more than I’ll ever need.


Of course I couldn’t just have one army, as I’m sure many of you know the feeling of. So I started building a Necron army using non-GW miniatures. I got most of the infantry taken care of but then we stopped playing and I put it in my closet to collect dust…

… Until now that is.

I’ve dug out my collection from the closets and I’m planning to sort it all and see if I want to get anything new. Who am I kidding, of course I want to get something new.



NetEpic Gold

Until next time..


  • Has GW announced the return of Epic yet? I know Blood Bowl is coming, and in general they are reviving specialist games.

    I could see getting into this, same with Battlefleet Gothic. Having 40K, Epic and BFG would be beautiful for campaigns. Start in space (BFG), make planet-fall (Epic), and then break into smaller battles 40K. So much potential.

  • I don’t think they’ve announced it but the rumors say that they are going to re-release it, maybe in 8mm for some weird reason.

    Gothic is also a great game, the club I’m have always been big fans of the specialist games and I think we’ve played all of them besides Warmaster.

    I’ve never tried using them for campaigns but I can imagen it being awesome.

  • The specialist games are great. I only ever got to play Blood Bowl, though I did learn the rules for Necromunda, just never got to play. Everyone I know who played the other specialist games thought they were great.

    I’ll never understand why GW dropped them. Only reason I can fathom is that they weren’t big money makers, and we all know the previous CEOs for them over the past decade were all about profit margins. However, they had a loyal following, and all they had to do was update the games, add some new stuff, and they’d have made money.

    Anyway, I’m anxious for the return of all these awesome games.

  • I got a hand-me-down box of Adeptus Titanicus when I was a kid, but it was a bit too complicated for my brother and me at that point (HeroQuest was about our speed), and it regrettably got lost during one of our many moves during the 90s. Got back into GW stuff again in the late 90s, shortly after Epic 3rd came out, and loved it (such an elegant system), but unfortunately, I was basically the only one, and everyone else local dropped it. Tried to get going with E:A when that came out (I’m thinking ’02-03ish), but the Model Support was lacking as things got slowly released, and it kind of crashed too.

    FW were talking about re-doing it at their last Open Day. 8mm was chosen as the scale that would let them best keep everything in a single consistent scale without going too small for the Infantry or too large for the Titans. In previous versions, apparently, the Infantry, Vehicles, Aircraft, and Titans were each done at their own separate scale, but this time they want them all in scale with each other. Apparently that comes out to Epic Warlords being roughly suitable as Imperial Knight Counts-As in regular 40K.

    My only issue is that, because it’s done by FW, it’s all going to be Resin, and I hate working with Resin.

  • I think it’s definitely a good move to start most of those games up again. Necromunda, Mordheim and Blood Bowl were perfect games to introduce new players into the respective settings without the need to spend a huge amount of cash. So I really hope that they will bring them back. A year ago or so I would never have thought that they would but now with the direction the company has taken, I could see it happening.

    Now we just need Citadel Journal back 🙂

  • I hadn’t heard the reasoning behind the scale switch and I can definitely see the logic in it and the differences in scale is a bit annoying tbh. Plus I’m sure it will be playable using the old Epic miniatures without much work. I doubt you’ll have to change anything as long as they don’t do something weird with the basing.

    I wish I had started playing earlier than I did just to have the old metal Chaos units. I have some but not enough and the eBay price of them are usually quite insane. I’m missing all the Knight versions and there’s no way I can justify paying what they go for today.

    I really hope they won’t make it all in resin, I don’t like to work with it much either and I’ve seen how much problems there are with the FW Epic Tau models.