Epic Armageddon Necrons, Thoughts and Comments

Epic Armageddon Necrons, Thoughts and Comments

Back in 2010 I, for some reason, decided that I wanted a Necrons army for Epic. There has never been any official rules or miniatures from GW but there has been a lot of community based work on them.

Most of that work was and still are, mostly done by people at the Tactical Command forum. They are responsible for a huge chunk of the support after GW dropped the game.


I did some research for proxy miniatures and found two great companies that both had great miniatures. Both in general and for the Necrons. The companies were Dark Realm Miniatures and Exodus Wars.

Unfortunately Exodus Wars has been closed down. Which really is a shame, they had some amazing miniatures for a number of armies. You can still find some of their miniatures at HLS Models but a lot of things are sold out.

I’m not sure on the exact state of Dark Realm Miniatures. Their website isn’t much more than a placeholder. I’ve searched around a bit and I’ve seen some people saying that they are still alive and are working on a new store. If it’s true or not, I guess time will tell.

The Horde Awakens

DRM, just like EW, had great products that were very usable for Epic. They also had some space crafts for their armies that should work for Battlefleet Gothic.


I ended up ordering from both companies. I’m not sure on which miniatures came from what company, it’s been 6 years and my memory isn’t that good.

With the two orders I ended up with most of the infantry. Warriors, Immortals, Tomb Spyders, Destroyers, Heavy Destroyers, Flayed Flayed Ones and Pariahs. The only thing I’m missing is Wraiths but I’m going to try to make them myself.

The common way to make Destroyers were to use 40k Scarabs with the torso from the ones I use as Immortals. I didn’t have enough Scarabs for that so I got some drones. I think they were from Exodus Wars.


The hard thing with the lack of official miniatures was the vehicles and war engines. I spend quite a lot of time looking for something but I never found anything that looked the way I wanted.

I ended up making a quick 3d model for the Obelisk and the Monolith and had them printed by Shapeways. This was quite early so the resolution was low and they couldn’t print very fine details. I had plans of redoing them, either from scratch and get them printed or sand them down and try to cast them somehow.

With all that there’s only one thing missing, the War Engines.

The Big Ones

Titans were the reason I first got interested in the game. The Necrons don’t have any Titans but they do have 4 other types of War Engines. The only one I had heard of before was the Pylon.

The other ones are called, Abattoir, Æonic Orb and Warbarque. I don’t know if they existed in the fluff or if they created them just for Epic.

In general War Engines aren’t as good as they appear. The medium and smaller ones can be quite useful but the big and huge ones have a hard time justifying their cost.

The biggest one for the Necrons is the Abattoir and Æonic Orb. They both come in at 750pt which is a big chunk out of the points at the normal level (3000pt).

I’m planning on having a Pylon or two and the Æonic Orb and Abattoir just for fun. I have some miniatures I’m considering using for building them.

Other Miniatures

There have been some new makers pop up quite recently, Defeat in Detail, Microworld Games, and Onslaught. They all look great and I hope they will stay in business for a long time. You can find them all at Vanguard Miniatures for example.


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