Golden Vinci 2016 Painting Contest is Live

Golden Vinci 2016 Painting Contest is Live

Competition time! The always awesome ‘Die Vincis’ blog has posted the rules and info for their annual painting contest. You can find their post and rules HERE.

Painting Contest

I’ve never entered their painting contest before but I definitely plan on doing it this time around.

What to Enter?

I would like to enter two categories but I’m not sure what the second one should be. The first choice is the ‘Large Scale Models / Busts’ category. Not a huge surprise.

I have no idea right now on what I could do for a second choice. You can only enter each category once. I’m not really sure what to do for the first entry either. Right now I’m thinking of painting the Gatekeeper bust I got from Romain but at the same time it would be fun to enter something I can base. I have a couple of miniatures on my wanted list that could work.

I also have the JIgoku Dayu’s Dreams miniature per-ordered and should be shipped in the first half of September as a strong candidate.

It will require some thinking…

Now back to painting and watching the Hellraiser movies.