Shaetann WIP 2

Shaetann WIP 2

This is just a quick update on the progress on the Shaetann bust I’m painting. I’ve mostly been focusing on his skin (not surprising considering how the bust looks) and the shading in particular.

I got some great input in my last post to add more purple to the shading. So I did and it payed off I think (thank you Thor and Greg for that advice).


I’ve been struggling to get a somewhat ok photo of him. I’ve used a lot of inks for my glaces so he’s a bit shiny.



  • Not much you can do about the glare other than try more indirect light on him. Do you seal your busts when you’re done?

    As I said on Twitter, he’s looking great. It’s such a cool sculpt to work with.

  • Hmm…maybe do a video of him?

  • It depends if I remember too or not but I usually plan to seal them. I’ll see if I can find my old light tent and some more of my old painting lamps.

  • Unfortunately my camera is way too old for shooting watchable video. It’s something I’ve been considering for the future, it would be fun to at least try it.

    What setup do you use for your videos?

  • I have a nikon D5300 and a canon powershot s110. So i usually just put them on a tripod then setup a turntable and record video. Been waiting for the new foldio table and then will probably start doing more turntables!

  • Yea the foldio products looks very usable.

    I think I’ll try to record something small with my dslr (old old D5000) and see if it’s something I can do. Worst case I can probably borrow one of the dad’s cameras to try with.