Shaetann WIP 3 To Hell and Back and Almost Finished

Shaetann WIP 3 To Hell and Back

Another wip on Shaetann. I’ve started painting the horns, which doesn’t show in the photo. After digging out my old lamps and dull coating him I managed to get a decent photo.


What’s left

He’s quite close to being finished now, just a couple of small things left:

  • Increase the shadow a bit more and the highlights

  • Decide on what to do with his eyes

  • Final glaces on the horns

  • The earring

What’s Next?

The last week I’ve been reading through the painting books I have to try to get some more help with improving my painting. So I intend to use that with my next project. Especially the parts about planning the project before you start painting (I’m terrible at that).

So it’s definitely time to get started with my entry to the Die Vincis painting competition. After a lot of thinking I’ve decided to go with the Gatekeeper bust. It should be a real challenge and incorporate one thing I’m dreading, OSL. I’ve never managed to get a good result but as an old Swedish saying: “Shame the one who gives up”. Not the perfect translation but it works.


  • Looking awesome.

    I’d suggest a strong contrast on the eyes, make them really stand out. The face is the best part of the model, I think anyway, so pulling focus up there would be great. I’d lean towards a bright yellow or blue.

  • Agree with thor. Skin is looking great, and something to pull you more into the face would be welcome!

  • I’ll give it a try, it sounds like it would work out, thank you!