Review: Jigoku Dayu’s Dreams by Nelya Vitvitska

Review: Jigoku Dayu’s Dreams


  • Company: NVS Art, Nelya Vitvitska

  • Scale: 90mm

  • Material: Resin

A while ago I pre-ordered a miniature, Jigoku Dayu’s Dreams after I came across it through the blog of one of my favorite painters ( and Putty & Paint.

Usually I’m a bit hesitant to pre-ordering things but I just couldn’t take the risk of the possibility of missing out on her.

The delivery was planned for the first half of September and it arrived on the 1st of September. A very nice surprise.


She was delivered well packaged in a blister that was packaged well in the box. There were no damage on neither the package or the miniature. Nothing fancy but very practical.


When I first found this miniature I did some research of what else the person being it had made previously and found a lot of really nice work. Like my last project, Red Riding Hood.

So with that discovery, my expectations were through the roof and I didn’t get disappointed.

She comes in 8 parts including a resin base. The pieces all fits nicely together and the cuts are well made and are in good spots.

The quality of the sculpting is just amazing. Everything from her pose too her hair flowing in the wind and everything in between is very well designed and sculpted.

The strongest feeling I get from the sculpt is the beauty of minimalism. There isn’t small details everywhere that distracts you. Instead you have a small number of different textures that are placed just in the right spots.


The casting is very well made. There is a tiny bit of clean up but nothing big. Whoever did the castings, I’m very impressed with. Her sword is so thin it’s crazy and it’s not even bend

Finishing words

Right now I consider Jigoku Dayu’s Dreams the best miniature in my collection


Nelya’s website


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  • Hurry up and assemble her and post photos!