First Epic Test Game, thoughts and reflections

First Epic Test Game, thoughts and reflections

We played the first Epic test game with three players last Sunday to see if it it’s something we would like to take up again or not.

I brought a Chaos list and opponents had an Imperial Guard list and one had Orks. We had decided before hand on 2000pts to start us up on the lower side.

The game was a bit chaotic with me and the Orc player not having played in many years and it was the IG player’s first time I believe.

The game was much faster than I expected and we had a winner after round three, the Orcs.

Thoughts & Reflections

The rules are very streamlined without being dumbed down and they just makes sense.

I love the scale. 6mm might not be the most popular scale but for Grand scale games I wouldn’t want to go any bigger. One of the biggest things for me is that you can include so many different types of units and it doesn’t look out of place like in 40k.

The game is very strategic, especially when you combine it with the official tournament scenario that was included by GW. It’s a game were maneuvering and positioning are key elements to winning in a much greater way than 40k, for example.

All the armies, both official and the later fan developed all have a distinct playing style and they have, in most cases the tools for more than one style of army.

It looks great on the table. Sure it’s not the biggest selling point but I really like the way a table set up for smaller scale games looks. The smaller the better. I kinda wish they would have made it in 2mm.

These were just a few thoughts that popped up in my head. There will be more posts about Epic soon.