14 Reasons Why Epic is GW’s Best Game

14 Reasons Why Epic is GW’s Best Game

So you might have noticed that I’m on an Epic trip at the moment. In this post I go through what I think are the selling points for Epic.

This is how 40k was meant to be played

14 Reasons..

Alternating activation

In my opinion the IGOUGO system is an old and outdated system and that’s why I’m very happy that GW skipped it for epic. It’s just so more flexible and makes you more included in the game.

It also gives you the added strategic value of reacting to your opponents moves etc.


With the change from 28mm down to 6mm adds a lot of positive aspects to the game. It gives the possibility to include much greater number of different types of units and it doesn’t feel as weird as it does in 40k. Even if they nowadays have some of the bigger and interesting units like titans and aircraft etc they just make more sense in epic and the rules for them are much better.

Epic OOP


This isn’t only a positive point. Epic can be very cheap but unfortunately it can also get expensive. It generally depends on what army we’re talking about. If you can use a lot of proxy models it’s usually pretty cheap. It’s when you want the old and fun metal models from gw it gets very expensive, very fast.

For proxy models, check my posts about what’s available.

As an example, I’m looking into starting a new army, around 3000pts. Using one of the more expensive makers the infantry will cost around £40-45. Which I think is pretty cheap and you can lower that by using other makers.

Free Measuring

I’m absolutely terrible at measuring distances by eye so I prefer free measuring. In epic it doesn’t matter as much as some games. It’s more personal taste than anything.

Solid Fan Based Development

After GW dropped specialist games and epic with it, the biggest development has been fan made. The biggest place for that has been Tactical Command. They have continued to fix the rules and develop a lot of new armies that GW never released. In general they have done an absolutely fantastic job with it.

Epic Slaanesh Knights OOP

Great Order System

Order systems aren’t anything new and epic isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel. It’s a pretty standard system that just works great. You have different modifiers and depending on what army, you might need to roll to activate any unit.


I like having a suppression system in miniature games, it think it adds quite a lot to the game. It can be tricky to get it right. You don’t want it to cripple the game and at the same time it should still have an impact on how you play. The system in epic is quite good. It can screw things up big time but you always get a chance of rallying and removing blast markers (pins ) in between each round. You get blast markers each time someone fires at the unit and for each casualties so they are easy to get.

Simple and Good Morale System

Basically the morale system is just if your broken or not broken. When a unit gets as many blast markers as there are stands its broken. It’s a very easy and quick system that I think works well on small scale games were you don’t want to get it bogged down.

Epic OOP

The “One” Scenario

While there are other scenarios for epic, the tournament scenario is by far the best one. Unlike 40k you don’t play x round and see who wins but after each turn beginning with the third you check if anyone has managed to activate two or more victory conditions and if that’s the case that person won otherwise you play another turn and do the same thing after that one. It’s such a simple and rewarding scenario because you can win in so many ways that all armies have the tools to do so.

Importance of Maneuvering

Position is one of the most important things you need to master if you want to win at epic. Scout units can screw with your opponents movement, your can set up crossfire and supporting fire (see below). 4 out of 5 victory conditions require you to be at certain points on the gaming board etc. I really like this as it requires a lot of planning and not just move forward towards the opponent.

Easy Cover Rules

Cover has two three effects, it can be dangerous to travel through just like in 40k, it gives your opponent a negative modifier when shooting at a unit in cover and sometimes it gives you a cover save. It’s the simplicity of it I really like and I like that it’s actually makes you harder to hit.

Big Difference Between the Different Armies

Almost all armies have different strengths and weaknesses much like in 40k but I think the armies in epic takes it a step further. Sure all marine armies will have similar strengths but there’s still unique things about them. Thanks to the standard scenario all armies have more than one way to be played and win.

Epic OOP Army


Crossfire is the when you can trace a line from the shooting unit across the target unit to one of your other units. If you can do that the target unit gets a -1 on their save. It definitely adds to the importance of maneuvering. It can be quite devastating for some armies.

Supporting Fire

When a unit in close combat can call in a nearby unit to help out in the cc. It also adds to the importance of maneuvering and if you set it up well it can change the game.


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  • I hope they follow the epic rules for the new 10mm heresy game…reavers the size of space marine dreadnoughts…i am so excited.

  • That would be pretty sweet.