Warcolor Paint Brush Test, How do they compare?

Warcolor Paint Brush Test, How do they compare?

I’ve been quite interested in checking out the paint brushes sold by Warcolors and their paints as well.

I was part of the beta testing of the paints but never got around to buying any afterwards. But with the release of their brushes I thought it was time to order some.

So I made a small order and got a size 1 brush which is my favourite and mostly used size of paint brush.

The Brush

The first thing that stands out is the thickness of the handle. It’s quite a lot thicker at the tip before the ferrule than any brush I’ve used.

Warcolor Paint Brush Test

To be honest, I was a bit sceptical about it but from my small testing, it acctually feels quite nice. It’s something I think will require a little time to get fully used to. On their website they say that it helps to not strain the hand and I can definitely see that being true.

The handle is a little bit longer than my normal brushes but it’s not a big difference but it’s down to personal preference.

The hair is 100% kolinsky and they are a little bit shorter than the brushes I normaly use. Probably somewhere in between the normal Series 7 and the mini version. I’ve never really used the shorter types before so it felt a bit weird but that’s just from my inexperience.

Warcolor Paint Brush Test

Warcolor Paint Brush Test

I’ve been using it for a while, and I like it.

Comparing it to my W&N Series 7 and Raphael, they aren’t 100% as good but they they are very good no doubt about it . When you take the price into consideration, they are hard to beat.

I can highly recommend them for anyone in this hobby and especially if you don’t want to spend as much as the S7s or Raphael cost.


A size 1 Warcolor brush will set you back 3.8€ and here in Sweden a size 1 Series 7 around 16€ so it’s a big difference.


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