Review: Queen of the Night from Black Sun Miniatures

Review: Queen of the Night


  • Company: Black Sun Miniatures

  • Scale: 1/9, 122mm tall

  • Material: Resin

  • Availability: Normal

I’m not sure when Black Sun Miniatures were opened but I think they’re semi new. The have a smallish selection of busts, 75mm and 35mm sized miniatures.

I ordered two bust from them, the Queen of the Night, that I’m reviewing here and their Arctic Troll that I’ll be reviewing later.

Both these busts are sculpted by Romain Van den Bogaert and they have two more busts by him that I’m more than likely to pick up at the later date.

The bust came well packed. Nothing fancy but very well protected. There weren’t any damaged parts.


I really like the concept of this bust. It has a very cool voodoo priestess feel to it. They don’t list who came up with the concept but whoever it was they did a good job.

I’m going to go with the voodoo theme and give her a traditional ritual face paint.


Well what’s there to say, it’s another great sculpt by Romain. It doesn’t have as many different textures as my other busts by him but doesn’t mean that it’s worse, just different.

I think my favorite part is the snake.


It’s a pretty good cast, some small work needed but it didn’t take many minutes to fix. There weren’t much mold lines or flash. The work needed was with the snake but the other parts did fit together easily.


Black Sun Miniatures


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