Review: Arctic Troll by Black Sun Miniatures

Review: Arctic Troll by Black Sun Miniatures


  • Company: Black Sun Miniatures

  • Scale: 1/9, 90mm tall

  • Material: Resin

  • Availability: Normal

I got this bust at the same time as the Queen of the Night bust I reviewed before. Also like the Queen this one is sculpted by Romain Van den Bogaert.

First thing that stood out with this bust is the size. The Queen might be taller but talking about volume the Troll has her beaten. It’s a serious chunk of resin.

The other part that stood out was that he’s got full arms instead of the commonly used cut off ones.


It’s a pretty unique style for a Troll. Both the Eskimo feel and that instead of having the normal angry/evil troll they have him look the opposite. He looks quite friendly.

I like that they had him made with arms, they add quite a lot to the concept. Especially the hand holding the squid, looking like he’s trying to lure in some prey.


The best part of this sculpt, like most of the other ones I have that’s sculpted by Romain is the face. The facial expression is beautifully made and the textures are just as good and adds a lot of character to him.

As I wrote earlier, the squid is lovely and adds an interesting element. It gives you a good opportunity to introduce some nice contrasting color to the piece.


I had a little bit more problems building him. The arms didn’t want to line up at first. But some sanding and a little bit of Milliput solved that issue.

Besides that there weren’t really any flash or mold lines to speak about.


Black Sun Miniatures


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