Epic Game #2 The Death of a Banelord Titan

Epic Game #2 The Death of a Banelord Titan

Last Sunday I played another game of Epic. For this game we increased the point value to the standard 3k. It gave us the possibility to try the more expensive units. Well, I did.

Last game I didn’t use anything bigger than Land Raiders so I thought, what the hell and added a Banelord titan. I know that they kinda suck but I wanted to try it.

My opponent played his Orks with a pretty balanced list.

The game started kinda bad but turned around for a while and then I lost. It was a very fun game though and I’m looking forward to the next one.

My poor Titan ended up dying in a suicide close combat with an Ork mob.

I’m slightly frustrated, I don’t really remember much in the form of list building which i really felt during this game. I’m sure it will come back after some games, but still annoying.


I forgot to bring my real camera so these are just from my aging phone.


I’ve put in two orders for some miniatures by Onslaught, from Vanguard Games. Which should be enough for me to build most of an Emperor’s Children army. The only thing lacking is some Knights and a Scout Titan or two. Unfortunately some of them are quite hard to find and they tend to be quite pricey.