Review of Onslaught Miniatures Hellborn

Review of Onslaught Miniatures Hellborn

I ordered a bunch of packs of Onslaught’s Hellborn range from Vanguard Miniatures to use for building an Emperor’s Children army for Epic.

I got:

  • Fallen Sisters
  • Fallen Sisters Discordia Squad
  • Corrupted Athena Squad
  • Corrupted Hera Tanks.

The Fallen Sisters will be used as Marines, the Discordia Squad as Noise Marines, the Athena Squad as Terminators and the Hera Tanks as Predators.

Concept of the Hellborn

The concept of the Hellborn is more or less fallen Sisters of Battle. It’s a fun concept that I think will look great on the table and my expectations were high after looking at the product pictures of them.

Product Pictures


As you can see, they look really good for being in such a small scale. Some of the details get lost in the process and some parts could have been slightly thicker. Which you can especially see with the Athena squad’s close combat weapons.

I really like the sculpting and I think with a small tweak here and there, they would be even better.


The casting is very well done and while there’s some small flash on some of the parts there isn’t much else to clean up. The Hera tanks were the best in regards to the casting. They hardly had any clean up and fit together very well.

Final Thoughts

One thing that I didn’t remember from the last time I painted stuff this small is not to use thick paint because it will kill the details very fast.


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