Arctic Troll wip 2 It’s All In the Details

Arctic Troll wip 2 It’s All In the Details

Since my last post I’ve continued working on the Arctic Troll and he’s starting to come together. I’ve toned down his coat a bit but it still needs some cleaning up. For shading the coat I used oil paints.

At this point, I’ve started working on his harpoon, the octopus (or squid, I never remember which is which) and his hair.


The only thing I’m having real problem with is his hair. I had a hard time deciding on the hair color, then a fellow Wamper pointed out that if I’m going for an Inuit look, it should be black.

Unfortunately I suck at painting black hair and because of that I don’t have much experience with it. The good thing is that I have a month left before the deadline so there’s plenty of time.

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