Shaetann – He’s finally finished!… and there was much rejoicing


There is indeed much rejoicing. Shaetann is finished.

Logging Time Spent

Shaetann has been a pretty slow project but it’s also been a fun one. Since I started painting him I’ve been logging how much time I spend. I didn’t remember to log it every time i painted but with some guessing, I would say it was around 30-35 hours. I don’t know if it’s fast or slow and it doesn’t matter, I was just curious.

Change of Plans

One of my plans for him was to have a backdrop but my test pieces didn’t really add enough to the composition to be worth it.

It was a challenge painting the skin red. I didn’t want it to end up pink or orange in the highlights and I’m perfectly happy with the result.

I still really like the sculpt but I’m still disappointed that I missed out on the full figure Shaetann, but what can you do.


What’s Next

For my next project I’m going to be back and finish a miniature I started a long time ago but never finished. It feels kinda bad to have her sitting in a box and never getting finished. Soo next up is Lilith.



  • Dude, that’s amazing. There’s some great contrast in the shading on his skin. It gives a ton of depth, and really shows off the amazing sculpting of this thing. Great call on the eye color too. It’s bold enough to be seen and stand out, but not too overpowering.

  • Thank you very much! The eye color worked really well, if I’m not mistaken, you gave me the advice to use blue 😉

  • I did mention using blue. Just glad to see it work out so well 🙂

  • Me too (and thank you for the idea;))