Cat vs Lilith, 1-0, new project and Arsies Painting Toolbox

Cat vs Lilith

Sometimes I really don’t like my cat. During one of his daily running around like crazy moments he knocked down my Lilith miniature and she broke in a couple of spots.

The good thing is that I should be able to fix her. The bad thing is that the painting got chipped so I need to strip her and start over.. again.

I managed to find the broken parts, including a finger which I didn’t really expect to find due to the very small size.

It’s annoying as hell but not much to do about it.

New Project

I need a project to work on while I try to decide on the last changes on the Arctic Troll before I submit him for the Golden Vinci and I had a hard time deciding on which to start.

After some debating I settled on my latest buy, Aradia’s Queen of the Witches that I quite recently got. There’s a review of her in the works.


Besides being an awesome miniature, she will bring some challenges. This far I’ve only seen two painted versions of her and I really like the minimalism they both have gone with and I want to do something in those lines myself.

Photos and links

Queen of the Witches

Box art at Aradia

Robert Carlsson’s take on her via Aradia’s gallery


This is going to be a real challenge. I like painting skin but I don’t have that much experience with unnatural skin so while being a challenge it’s also going to be a lot of fun.

The Queen has been cleaned up and everything is ready to go. The first part to be painted will be the throne.

So next post will go through my plans for her and the first wip.

Arsies Painting Toolbox

Arsies' Toolbox

After hearing about this book some time ago, I’ve eagerly been waiting for when it goes live on Kickstarter.

Arsies is a fantastic painter and I’m happy to back this project, which happens to be my first Kickstarter backing.

I’ve heard some really good things about the book and I’m pretty sure it will live up to my expectations.

The only negative side right now is the cost of the shipping, it’s quite high but it’s all shipped by messenger or by recorded delivery which explains the cost.

It’s going to be very interesting to see how this book compares with Figopedia, which is by far the best book I’ve read about painting miniatures.


Arsies’ Kickstarter