Jason Martin (Redrum) Goes Patreon



Yesterday I saw an announcement on Facebook, that he is starting a Patreon painting help group, in lack of a better name.

The idea behind it is to help and inspire painters to take their painting up a notch.


There’s 4 different levels you can sign up for, $1, $3, $6 and $25. They come with different bonuses, which you can see on the website.

I jumped aboard as fast as I could and went with the highest level. On that level you get help and feedback through email and a Skype call with Jason.

That level is limited to 10 backers but it’s already full.


I’m a big fan of his work and style so I definitely think it will be very helpful. It felt like a good opportunity to try to improve my painting and I didn’t want to miss out on it.

Nowadays I live in a small town and while we do have a gaming community we’re lacking a painting one. So I’ve never had the opportunity to get feedback or help from what I would say, a pro painter.

Get Involved

If it’s something that sounds interesting, you should head over to the website and join up for some great painting.


The Patreon page