Planning the Queen of the Witches and a Small WIP

Planning the Queen

Before starting on the Queen I made a small “plan list” to help me remember what the heck I’m supposed to do. Something I’m quite bad at.

I’ve got a plan so cunning, you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel!

Right now the list look like this:

  • Name: Queen of the Witches
  • Genre: Fantasy Fairy tale
  • Atmosphere/Theme: Cold & Minimalistic
  • Lighting: Standard zenithial plus discrete OSL from the candles
  • Focal Points: Face, Skin and maybe vines
  • Color Scheme: black to white with some light colors from glazing
  • Milestones: throne, the Queen, extra shading on arms and legs and OSL


I decided to start with the throne for this project. As I wrote in the plan above, I wanted a cold and minimalistic feel. It will also be painted in mostly black, white and grey. Hopefully the dark colors will work as a frame to draw the focus to the Queen herself.

I started with a black base and then I started going over it with different greys, black and white ad absurdum.

Queen Throne

I don’t have the actual paint recipes, I lost track somewhere during the process.

This far in I’ve spent more time on the throne than I do on some miniatures and there’s still some left to do. Some blends need to get smoother


Most of the base is covered by the throne but there’s two spots and two options ;

First idea Add some rocks and paint it like the throne.

The second idea is more towards the old type horror Fairy tale so I thought I would add some vines which should introduce some small spots of paint.

Queen Throne


Since I’m really enjoying painting her and that I think that she looks much better than the Arctic Troll, I’m going to finish the Queen for the competition instead.


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  • I really like the work on the throne. It’s black, but you can see the subtle blends of grey in there to give it life. Black is a tricky color to work with, more than most people realize, and a convincing black isn’t easy. You’ve done well with it.

    I don’t feel like stones would fit the model. I associate loose stones with rubble, debris, and this throne has none of that. The vines would be really cool though. It would fit right in, and give you a bit more color.

  • Yea I decided against the stones, I put some on just to see how it looked and it did not work. I’m getting some vines or something similar from the back yard that usually look good with some washes and etched brass.

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