Queen of the Witches WIP 1 – Queen’s Skin

Queen’s Skin

To see my plan for this miniature, see my post here. While I have worked some on the throne, it’s on the Queen I’ve made real progress, on the Queen’s Skin.

I’ve mostly been working on her skin and I’ve come quite far.

So far I have almost followed my plan, dark cold grey for the throne and cold medium to light grey for the Queen. There has been some small changes but not by much.


I added some glazes on the throne but it doesn’t really show up in the photos.

The candles are finished besides the flames and if I feel adventurous I’m going to try to paint a small OSL effect.


For the Queen, my plan was to have her a bit on the colder side and minimalistic with shading down the her legs and arms.

The first idea was to use cold grayish brown but I decided to take a chance and introduce some warmer color for contrast.

For that I chose to start with African Shadow (S75) which is a nice medium dark reddish color. After building up the color I started adding more and more black.

The shadows on her body got some very light purple glazing to get some more depth.

Final Thoughts

Using the contrast between dark and light, cold and warm should look make it pop a bit more.

So far I’m happy with how she looks but there’s still a lot to do.


  • She’s looking amazing. That skin is very smooth, and those blends are great.

    I’m unsure on the candles. I love well-done OSL, but the flame would reach her and light up her skin in places. I’m always one to experiment and see people push themselves, but to pull it off you’ll have to do OSL on her as well, and that’s always gut-wrenching when you’ve got some great work in place already.

    It would look good, don’t get me wrong, but you only get one shot at it, know what I mean? I’m not trying to talk you out of it, just give you something to consider.

  • Thank you! I agree with you about the candles and I doubt I’ll manage an OSL effect that’s at the same level as her skin with just a week to go, or at all.

    Do you think it’s enough to to have them without the flame or should I try to cut them off?

    I always welcome good critique 🙂

  • Hmm. I’d have to see how close she is to them when she’s on the throne. Then again, you could do the flames another color entirely. Instead of traditional flame, do something else, like maybe a dark purple or something. Give the flame a daemonic feel, and who says candles lit by magic cast light like normal flames? 😉

  • Not a bad idea, I’ll do some testing and see if I can pull it off. Thanks

  • Yeah, I’d do something like I mentioned then. His looks great, but that light should hit her legs and the throne if you went traditional with OSL. So, doing something unique will give you more freedom with expectations.

  • I think you have a very good point so I’m going to do some experimenting, I appreciate the feedback.

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