Review: Warlord GAZ Truck with Quad Maxim AA MMGs

GAZ Truck

I got this from a friend and fellow Bolt Action player for my Russian army. I didn’t really have anything like this before so it was a welcome addition. Plus I can use it as a normal GAZ Truck for transportation.

While it can’t take much damage, it does pack a great punch against infantry and soft skins. With the new rules it got even better, putting out 20 shots it’s definitely a glass cannon.

If you want to know more about the truck there’s good info on Wikipedia

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It’s a pretty well made kit. The main parts for the truck itself is made in resin. The gun comes in more parts and was a bit fiddly to build. There’s also two miniature included, one gunner and a spotter or something like that. They are also well sculpted and will look great painted up.


I generally don’t like Warlords metal casting, I’ve had too many pieces with terrible casting defects. This kit was actually pretty good. Sure there’s some flash etc but not as much as usual . Even the thin metal parts were very easy to clean up.

The resin parts were also pretty good with very little cleaning.

Final Thoughts

This is a nice kit but it’s lacking one thing, a blood instruction on how to build it. The gun is quite hard to figure out, well for me it is.

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