Queen of the Witches WIP 2 More of the Same

Since Last

I’ve made some more progress since my last post. This time most of the work has been made on the Witches Queen herself.

I’ve worked more on the highlights and the shading, plus adding some of the same red I used on the arms and legs under her breasts and cheeks. This will tie everything together with the arms and legs a bit more. Which will make it more interesting to look at, especially since the rest of her are in grey scale.

Witches Queen


After that I got started on the metal parts. I’ve been thinking of what type of metal to paint them as and settled for gold. I used brown as the base and then some old GW gold (we’re talking the second paint range they released), no idea which one it is.

I highlighted by adding in some lighter steel color from Scale 75 and then did some extreme highlighting with their pure metal color. Shading was done with sepia and a little bit of purple.

Witches Queen

Witches Queen


She’s quite close to being finished now and I should be able to get it done before the deadline.

  • She looks great. The skin is seriously amazing.

  • Thank you very much! I think this is the miniature that I’ve managed to get the closest to my vision for if that makes sense.

  • I know exactly what you mean.