Queen of the Witches, Finished for the Golden Vinci Painting Competition

Queen of the Witches, Finished for the Golden Vinci Painting Competition

The Queen is finished, send in and confirmed so now I can show the final photos of her. She was painted for the Golden Vinci Painting Competition and you can see the previous parts Here, Here and Here.

There isn’t a huge difference if you compare these photos with the ones from my last post. It’s mostly been clean up and the last glazes here and there.

Last WIP

This is how she looked after my last posts:

Golden Vinci 2016 WIP

I added some trees behind the throne to get, in my opinion at least, a creepy fairytale feel to her.

The Finished Photos


The biggest disappointment is that I didn’t have time to do something with the candles. That takes the composition down a couple of notches. But what can you do… well besides planning your painting time better that is.

Overall I’m very happy with the outcome and I’ve never had a miniature come out so close to my vision for it. So for once I’m actually kinda proud of the result.

With painting the Queen I tried to increase the number of layers to get smoother blends, it was harder to find that “correct” paint to water ratio for it than I expected. It was good training and something I’ll have good use for future projects.

What’s Next

That’s a very good question actually. I’m not sure but it’s leaning towards the Queen of the Night bust I got from Black Sun Miniatures a while back.

Brush Wars

I’m also getting stuff ready for, what I hope will be a good article, a big test of what I believe is the best paint brushes. I’ve collected most of them by now and I’m only missing two. One is ordered and shipped and the last one I’m having trouble finding with a reasonable shipping cost but I’m not giving up yet.

I’ve been wanting to do a big paint brush test for quite some time and I’m looking forward to try them all out.

If you have any advise on what you would like to see in the test or any questions or feedback on the Queen of the Witches, feel free to post it in the comments.