Brush Wars – Testing Paintbrushes for Painting Miniatures

Brush Wars

I’ve been planning to do this Brush Wars test of, what I think is the best paintbrushes for painting miniatures for quite some time but I never got around to get the brushes but now it’s finally time.

This is just my opinion.

Missing Brand

For the test I have five different paintbrushes. I wanted to include a 6th brand but I had a very hard time finding them the right size and in stock. If I can find it at a later time I will update this test to include it.

On to the Paintbrushes

The five brushes are:

  • Broken Toad
  • Rosemary & Co Series 33
  • Warcolours
  • W&N S7
  • Wamp Blender N01

The Brush Wars Begins

I’ve used paintbrushes from W&N and Rosemary & Co quite a lot before and I reviewed the one from Warcolor a while back, which you can read here.

I’ve read good things about Broken Toad’s paint brushes and I’m very interesting how they will preform. It’s the same with the Wamp paintbrushes (Wamp is a great forum for the miniature hobby) that I’ve been very carious about. I think they are made by Rosemary & Co with the specifications by the Wamp owner.

As not everyone knows what the different parts of the brush it are called I made a small explanatory picture, Anatomy of a paintbrush and yes it’s not a very good picture.

Brush Wars Anatomy of the Brush

General Size

The paintbrushes are all size 1 besides the one by Wamp that is a size 2 (or Blender N01 as they call it.) but it looks more like a size 1 in my opinion.


The handles differ some between them, measuring them up to where the hair starts and it shows that the paintbrush from Warcolours has the longest at ~18.5cm and the shortest is the Rosemary at ~15.5.

They all feel good while painting with two that stood out a bit. Firstly the one from Broken Toad is a little bit thicker and the second one is the Warcolours brush which is longer, thicker and the handle doesn’t get thinner up towards the ferrule.

For me I personally like the W&N and Broken Toad paintbrushes the best when looking at the handle.

Size of the Bristles & Belly

The weren’t as much of a difference her. Less than I expected. It’s measured from where the hair starts and the thickness at the start as well.


As you can see it’s once again the Warcolours paint brush that stood out the most with the shortest head at 8mm and the others are between 10 and 12mm.

The belly is also more or less the same size, the Rosemary & Co and W&N are slightly bigger but the difference is so small that it can just as likely to be an error on my part.

The Tip

How a paintbrush hold the tip is one of the most important part, it’s hard to paint anything with a bad brush.

The tips (and head) looked like this when I got them and before doing any painting with them:

Brush Wars Tips
BT, R&Co, Wamp, S7, WC

They all look good, which they should before using them.

Holding Paint

This is also one of the most important part. A good paintbrush will hold quite a lot of paint and that combined with a good tip makes it much easier to paint.

I mostly paint using glazing (or what ever it’s called now) so it’s important for me that a paintbrush can hold a good amount of the really thin paint/water mix.

The Tip After Painting

Here you can see how the paintbrushes holds their tips after using them and a quick cleaning:

The slight bent tip was because the post office, not that it a bad brush.

Brush Wars Tips After
BT, R&Co, Wamp, S7, WC

Cost & Links

This is always important and the difference is quite a big. I’m not using the price for the ones you can find here in Sweden. Instead I got the price for their own stores if they have on or a bigger store in Europe.

Broken Toad – £6.25

Rosemary & Co Series 33 – £4.40

Warcolours – £3.4

W&N Series 7 – £8.6

Wamp Blender N01 – £5.99


Holding Paint89789
Tip After Use88899
Total Score8.48.488.88.6


As you can see, W&N S7 comes out on top but it’s quite close. I have during some time heard from several people that the quality of those paintbrushes has gone down quite a bit but I haven’t had any issues with the ones I have and use.

Non of these paintbrushes should give you any problems and I use some of them together with my S7’s and they work great.

So that’s the results of the Brush Wars. Just one last question for you:

What brushed do you prefer to use?