Epic – Building a New Army or How I Sold My Soul to Slaanesh

New Army

Well I’ve been looking for an excuse to start a new army and now when we’re restarting Epic I jumped on the opportunity to do an army I’ve always wanted to have in 40k, a full Slaanesh Marine army.

My love for the army came early in my 40k career, I just fell in love with the old RT miniatures, the fluff and the old chaos artwork.


For most of the basic miniatures I’ll be using Onslaught’s Hellborn range which I recently reviewed here.

There will also be some some from GW, Defeat in Details and a couple that I can’t remember who made for vehicles.

What I’ve bought this far is enough Fallen Sisters for 3 Retinue units, 2 full Terminator units, 2 units of Chosen, one noise Marines unit and one unit of Predators.

What I’m planning to get next is a Thunderhawk, drop pods, stalkers, Knights and scout titans. I think I might have some raptors and bikes in a box somewhere that I want to find.

I’m stealing enough rhinos and land Raiders from my normal chaos army. I also have some air support to use.

I don’t have a specific list in mind. Instead I’m buying stuff I like the look of.

Small WIP