Bonnie Bad Girl, Plan & Small WIP of Her Chair

Bonnie Bad Girl

I went digging through my backlog box too find something too paint and I found a miniature I got quite a while ago called Bonnie Bad Girl and is made by Mindwork Games. You can see my review of her here.

With that I finally started painting on her after the usual couple of weeks with no motivation after I finish a bigger project.

Planning Bonnie Bad Girl

  • Name: Bonnie Bad Girl
  • Genre: Generic/Circus
  • Atmosphere/Theme: Gentleman’s club
  • Lighting: Standard zenithial
  • Focal Points: Chair, face, legs
  • Color Scheme: Red/Brown chair, reddish hair, dark clothes (maybe green)
  • Milestones: Chair, Skin, the rest

I want the chair to frame her if that makes sense, too draw the attention to her.

Product Photos by Mindwork Games


So far I’m only painting on the chair and it’s coming along just fine. It ended up a bit more red than I were planning for but I like it so I’m not going to change it. It has an old gentleman’s club feel too it, in my mind at least.

I started with a base of Black Red and did the first highlights with Cavalry Brown. Then a small highlight of Red Leather. After that had dried I started shading with mixes of Cavalry Brown, Black Leather, Red Violet and Black in different combinations.

Then I did some more highlighting with Red Leather and Beige Brown. That didn’t turn out very well so I added some thin layers of Cavalry Brown to bring them together again.

Still a lot more work needed.

WIP Photo

Bonnie Bad Girl Chair Wip 1


Mindwork Games