Bonnie Bad Girl WIP 2 Skin Time Ahead, Small Update


With the chair almost done, it was time to get started on Bonnie and her skin. This time I didn’t want it too be as pale as I normally paint that and I got some good advice from the Jay Martin’s (Redrum) Patreon (still slots left and we’re getting some killer advice from him) so I’m trying that.

Bonnie WIP Painting Her Skin

I’m just blocking in the colors at the moment, the rest will come later.

Bonnie Skin wip 1

The base of the skin is Vallejo’s Beige Red, which is a great color for skin tones. For blocking in some highlights using Basic Skin tone (also Vallejo) and added some white and yellow.

The shading started with Beige Red with adding Oxford Blue and a small amount of black.


As I said I’m mostly done with the chair. It just has the hardest part left to get right. I’m talking about the scroll/sign (or what you want to call it).

Bonnie Chair 2

The problem I have is that I’m not good at free hand, never have been. It’s the same with normal drawing which I’m not good at, at all.

Bonny chair box art

I haven’t decided what to have om the sign. For them box art, they have it as a circus sign but I don’t get a circus feel from her myself, more of a gentleman’s club or a slightly upscale striptease place.

Bonnie Chair

As you can see in the photo, I’ve painted some stage curtains (no idea what those are called in English) but I need to fill the rest with something… If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them. I tried to add some text but it didn’t look good enough, you can still see a bit of them but I’m painting them over.

Until next time…